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Tailpiece_video still.jpg

Tailpiece, 2020
used floral foam, video hd, 30 mins. screened on tv in a space, arranged as a reception room.
installation view at Daily Delay, Bangkok

Tailpiece project is constructed in two parts, the used floral foam and a video portrait of a florist. The artist collects what the florist calls “oasis”, one of the most widely used floral foam brands. The foam acts as a base to hold water for fresh flowers, enabling them to last longer. The artist brought in the used floral foam and transformed its function into wall insulation between two rooms.


The other side of the wall was arranged as a reception room. The TV was installed on the wall, showing a 30 minute video portrait of P’Nid, a florist who works in the district of Phrapradaeng. The video was recorded in one evening, while P’Nid was taking care of and watering the plants in his small garden.

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