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Photo © Viriya Chotpanyavisut

Clip #197.jpg

Mrig-, 2016
Video projection on frosted glass, HD video, 9.03 mins, silent

installation view at Archives Room, Mrigadayavan Palace, Cha-am

Mrig- is a video portrait of Mrigadayavan Palace. King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) commissioned the palace to serve as a holiday villa, for relaxation and to convalesce from his illness.

The work began from the artist’s interest in the open structure of the building. Mrigadayavan Palace is located on the beach where wind load was an important factor for the construction. The construction was a modular system, there were 1080 equally spaced pillars supporting the building. The wooden structure of the building was placed on top of the concrete pillars and the ceiling was made of reinforced concrete. This created the weight needed to prevent the shaking of the building when there was a strong wind.

The artist uses, cinematic language what is called transitional shot which is used as a resting point to connect one scene to another, responding to the architectural structure of the Palace. The artist records the images, following through the doors and windows, as if one is looking through the eyes of someone dwelling inside.


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