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////////, 2019
16 mm film projection, 2.39 mins, silent

Cinematographer: Chukiat Wongsuwan
installation view at Issara Winitchai Throne Hall, National Museum, Bangkok

Tanatchai Bandasak produced a 16 mm film that follows the work of a gardener at the National Theatre—a building that was formerly a part of the Front Palace. Viewers watch the gardener’s hands as he purposely cuts the plant seedlings out from the gaps between concrete paving blocks, from one gap to another. The artist sees this act of using the gap in between as a repetitive touch that reflects the constant renewal of surface skin, similar to human skin. Tanatchai thought of sliced ground revealing various geologic layers, allowing us to explore past histo- ries. The structure of an object may itself rarely change, but the surface becomes an integral part of the exploration and the visibility of the historical essence.

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